On the death of American Freedom – 1.


I am being sued because of my disability.

On the surface, the opposition says it is my fault. So far, all disinterested parties have said I am in the right. But, that is not what I want to write about.

What I want to right about is the death of our Freedom.

If I had the power to make you go to Church and become a Christian, I would not do that. Why?

For the same reason my ancestors fought for Independence and the Constitution. When someone else can tell you what to believe, you are no longer free.

Now, I am not talking about those Independents called Libertarians. Some of what they believe removes ‘United’ from the United States of America.

But, when government can tell me what defines ‘marriage,’ they have taken the right to define marriage. Historically, that right belonged to Religion. And in America, that was defined by God. And the same is true with abortion, which for over 2,000 years was banned by doctors under the original Greek Hippocratic oath for doctors.

Why do our leaders want us to be led to the slaughter?


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4 Responses to On the death of American Freedom – 1.

  1. In any nation that isn’t under the control of religious authority (theocracies), the government gets to define what constitutes the legal contract of marriage. Nothing new or unusual about that. In this country, you may additionally define it in religious terms, or not, as you choose. They are two different things. Though religious and legal definitions of marriages may or may not overlap, the legal definition gets priority in a court of law. Equal protections under law are designed to apply to the religious (any religion) and the non-religious. I don’t know exactly why you are being sued, but I’m sorry anyway. Lawsuits aren’t my idea of fun, even if you win. I don’t quite understand what about any of this constitutes a “disability”. Perhaps you meant to say “inability”, as in being unable to accept something?

  2. Mikey,

    Thank you for your comment, I haven’t heard from you in too long.

    I agree and disagree.

    Yes, governments get to define law. And historically, governments defined the dominant religion in their countries as they defined the laws.

    And there is where I think we begin to disagree. I believe America made the choice to separate religions from government. And as such, government should define civil unions not marriages.

    How are you?


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