Pornography is dangerous.


Every now and then, I get to thinking about how much damage pornography does to our culture.

I cannot tell a woman, “You look nice today.” The President can go way beyond that; and that is not called sexual harassment.

Pornography scares women into thinking every comment is dangerous, unless she is ‘interested.’


I think it is because men begin to think of women as sexual objects rather than as women.

And yes, militant feminism is a problem as well; but that is for a different blog post.

As men over sexualized women, men have also experienced a greater divorce rate. That leaves many more hyper-sexual men looking for young sexually active women. More old men than would normally be looking for young women.

So, now the few young women who would like an older man cannot meet the demand. And instead, all young women feel over-whelmed.

Now, someone will say that is not all because of pornography. OK, if not, what is causing this?


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3 Responses to Pornography is dangerous.

  1. Been going on for eons, b4 porn. Most men want multiple (younger) partners, most women want stability…

    • Michael,

      Thank you for your comment, I will agree to disagree. I live in the Former Soviet Union. And it is apparent, most men want one woman. And that was the way it was in the USA not to long ago.


      • Fair enough. I’ve lived Kyiv, Orlando, FL, and now Munich, and have seen exactly the opposite. Only the fear of losing half has kept many marriages together. Some estimates say that up to 20% of the children in Germany are ‘Cuckoo Kids’. Like the Cuckoo bird,which uses another bird’s nest and parent birds to raise their own young, many children in families are from other fathers.
        Perhaps we see what we want to see?

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