Have you said ‘thank you’ lately?

I thought so.


Emotional Fitness

Think you already say thank you 100 times every day?  Good for you. Think it is too hard to find something to be grateful for? Think again.

emotional fitness tips

Tip one:  Always thank those who serve you.  Try adding a compliment to your think you.  Being in the business of waiting on others, working a cash register, selling things, nursing someone, doing for others as part of a job is hard work.  A genuine “Thank you”  makes the job easier.

Tip two: To say Thank you a hundred times you need to think more than just other people.  You need to thank life, to thank things that work, to think beauty.
Tip three: Enhance the power of a thank you by adding  a calming breath before saying thank you and again after.

Tip four:  Thank yourself. We forget we deserve recognition.  Sounds silly to say “Thank you”…

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1 Response to SAY THANKS 100 TIMES TODAY

  1. Ghost, just discovered your reblog of my Thank You challenge. Just discovered you. Thank you and thank you and thank you.

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