The true problem of discrimination.


I just read up on the Troubles in Ireland.

And I had an insight.

Throughout history, whenever ‘Freedom’ was taken from one group and given to another group, there was conflict.

Now that does not mean it will always happen. But, history has shown us “freedom is not free. Freedom is won by the barrel of a gun.”

I had to place that line from an old US Army Jody in there ….


Conflict is never good. And it almost always means people will die.

And that is the bottom line in discrimination. When we allow people to discriminate for a small group and say their rights are better than another groups rights, we must be careful.

Or, we may just start another war.

Do you think it is ok to discriminate against, or to discriminate for groups of people?


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One Response to The true problem of discrimination.

  1. Judge people on behavior – kind or cruel. Stand for one and against the other. Thank you for this.

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