What is Truth?


That is a very important question. And it is as important now as it was 2,000 years ago when Pontius Pilate asked Jesus, “What is truth?” John 8: 38.

What and how you accept truth depends upon your culture and your training. Family plays a major part of your culture. Education, and yes, even propaganda, play a part of your training.

A Japanese man from Honshu would determine truth differently than a Tejano from South Texas.

But, both men could end up believing in the same ‘truths.’

Why and how is the subject of many great books. The first one I would refer you to would be the Bible. The second, King Lear by Shakespeare, compare and contrast the elements of ‘truth’ as revealed by the tragedians Euripides and his predecessor, Aeschylus.

And naturally, you should watch Ran, by Kurosawa.

The reality of most truth is very simple, if truth is not involved in a tragedy, we usually ignore the significance of the truth.

Did I just write that $500 sentence?

OK, we only value truth that comes from tragedy.

And this is the primary problem Evolution has. And it is the reason Evolutionary theory has not captured the hearts of the ‘uneducated’ masses. The very people Marx and other intelligentsia claim they are champions for. Evolutionary theory is not a tragedy, it is just data.

Jesus, the Creator, being born a simple child. Then being crucified, so a thief could be released in his place, that is tragedy.

Then the story closes with Jesus being resurrected and restored. That is truth with consequence, because it involves tragedy.

And indeed, it is one of the great tragic epics of all time.

What is truth is a very important question.

How you answer that question determines your direction for the rest of your life.

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