Can Russia find new heroes?


This was an interesting article I read on BBC.

If you read the article, it will tell you about Putin being asked by a worker if modern Russia would reward workers with a medal like the old Soviet Union had done.

And all that asks a slightly greater question. What do you look for today when you look for a hero?

And another question, will Russia find new heroes?

Can America Find new heroes?

With materialism firmly in control of our world, can anyone become a hero without being a destructive force?

Hollywood superstars, the founder of the Internet, that great polluter himself, Al Gore, even Bill Gates and Warren Buffet are all mass consumers. All of them destroy much more than the rest of us.

The rest of us try to struggle on.

They consume on.

With materialism and progressiveness controlling our politics and our economies can anyone become a true hero?

I still think so, do you?


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