What is the welfare burden costing US?


I believe welfare is bankrupting America. It costs us approximately 1.4 Trillion dollars a year.

Click here for the 83 programs not including Social Security and Medicaid paid by the states.

1 Trillion on Welfare.

7 Billion for children under Social Security. There are several line items under Social Security and Medicare not paid to workers who paid into the system. They also pay SOME refugees ….

Medicaid. 265 Billion (included in the 1 Trillion) + 370 Billion (Paid by the states and not included in the 1 Trillion).

There are also other programs under Social Security and Medicare which are welfare programs. But, trying to figure out how they are hidden is more difficult than it would be worth for me to dig up.

But, a quick simple answer?

We are spending over $1.37 Trillion on welfare programs each year. Over $1,370,000,000,000 each and every year. $8,800 per working American. Welfare is costing each working American $8,800 per year. $14,000 cost to each Federal taxpayer(*).

I think that is a lot of money. Do you?


Taxpayer computation from this data. And here.

(*) Yes, there are some taxpayers helping out at the state level. I do not know how to find out what their percentage of the burden is. If you do, would you help us out with the math?

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3 Responses to What is the welfare burden costing US?

  1. Joan Reid says:

    Well done, Ghost! This is appalling ! How can we ever get out of this hole?

  2. agnophilo says:

    This figure includes lots of state-run programs and the list of programs mostly involve feeding poor people, children and the elderly. Yes, less than 1 in ten dollars in our economy is too high a price to pay to virtually end poverty for 300 million people and save countless lives. I say children should work in sweatshops if they want to eat at night, and poor people with cancer should sell some of their organs on the black market for chemo, that way you can buy that new car you’ve got your eye on.

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