If you hate Texas, then leave.


There I am in the ten item express line at H.E.B., our local grocery chain. Chatting with the man in front of me about the beautiful birthday arrangement they were buying for someone special.

And like the one man said, “The balloon is so big, it makes the plant look too small.” It was a big balloon.

When all of a sudden, the lady a line over, with a full cart, began yelling at a young man who worked for H.E.B.

At first, it was uncomfortable. Then it got worse. And then.

“It is only because I am white and they are Mexican.”

She glanced at our line, and quickly looked away.

My baby blues have been called, ‘more beautiful than Robert Redford’s.’

Then she yelled again. This time, “So, what, I only have thirty items. And then she smiled. See! Now that woman is laughing at me.”

To which, I replied, “So am I.” Loudly, to be certain I was heard.

If you are beautiful and play the race card, I might give you one out burst. But, when you are a waste of oxygen. ZERO tolerance.

I checked out.

As I walked by, I mentioned, calmly, in spite of how I felt: “I hope you have a better day. And if you do not like it here. You should move back to where you came from.”

“I have lived here two years and it is terrible here.”

Again, calmly.

“You could just move. It is not about your being ‘white.'”


I often blog about the rising level of hate in America. I see it almost daily. It is not pretty, it is not in fashion, Hollywood stars are not an excuse, the media is not an excuse, radical politicians, or even some of the ‘normal ones,’ are not excuses for bad behavior.

Wrong is wrong. And hate is hate.

Your hatred might get you weeks on trial as the next ‘Jodi Arias.’ But, do you really want the death penalty?

No matter how bad your day was. There is no justification to ruin someone else’s birthday celebration, because you are jealous no one got you a balloon for your birthday.


What would you have done?

Do you think I made any friends tonight?


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2 Responses to If you hate Texas, then leave.

  1. Joan Reid says:

    I love Texas. I love your courage to speak up. Thanks for doing it for all of us grateful transplants from somewhere else.

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