Hate is hate, and hate is wrong.


Saturday night was funny, now.

But, we really need to reduce our hate and anger in America.

First, hate and anger do not solve problems. Even during war-time, hate and anger will only get you killed.

And like George C. Scott so famously said when he played George S. Patton, you are supposed to kill the other guy during war. He begins the soliloquy at about 33 seconds.

I will go back to the H.E.B. tomorrow and talk with the General Manager, yes, I have the receipt with my checkers name on it. Just in case the hateful woman does try to get her fired.

But, as I think back on the event, we need to reduce the anger and hate level in America.

As most of you know, I live part-time in Ukraine, and I wish I was full-time in Ukraine. I can hurt anywhere, but it is a lot easier to live with chronic pain when everyone around you is not going CRAZY with their anger issues.


Most of you also know, I am traditional in my point of view. And I think part of our problem with anger is we are trying to force new morality upon people. And that results with in a new spectrum of ‘beliefs.’

Some are good, or at least they are not bad.

But, when people are forced to agree with new beliefs they do not believe in, they can feel threatened. When threatened, people often react violently. Other times, they cry, or they laugh. But, sometimes they get violent.

Now, I do not know if that was the woman’s problem Saturday night.

But, I do know increased stress would explain the increased anger issues we are dealing with in America. Would you believe wiki discusses this? Check it out.

I believe we need to slow down on our social change. We need to give people time to catch up with what the ‘new normal‘ is supposed to be. And if you follow the link, you will see even hollywood had to slow down on how fast they pushed their new normal on the rest of us.

If it is not profitable, maybe most people are not ready for it?

I am a realist.

Social change is coming whether I agree with it or not.

We will have abortion, divorce, domestic violence, drugs, sex, porn, and all sorts of the ‘new normal’ in our schools, and eventually in our government.

But, this is not the same as racism.

The difference is simple, our new normal is forcing the majority of people to act and behave in a manner that thousands of years of social development has taught us is not ‘good for us.’

Now. Sometimes we need to change. And sometimes what we believe is true sociology, is not good sociology.

But, social change is stressful. And when accomplished too quickly will result in chaos, often civil strife and war.

Does that sound like most of Africa and the Middle East today?

I am not saying I can stop social change.

And personally, some items such as legalizing marijuana could be done in a better manner than we are currently implementing the haphazard laws in America, today.

Nor, do I want to set myself up as the judge of everyone else.

But, I do not enjoy watching hatred become common place. I do not like witnessing the devastation the social stress is causing my country.

I grew up in South Texas. We did not have the problems with Gays in our communities that I see Anglo culture having today. They were there. Some were funny. Some were a pain in the rear end.

But, they were there. Not everywhere. But, noticeable.

We had drunks.

We had drug users – not so noticeable.

And generally, we did not have the hatred I am seeing come from too much social change too quickly.

What do you think?


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