Why do Gays want Gay marriage?


I have a lot of things on my plate to write about.

And Gay Marriage is just one issue.

But, it is important to remember that when the Defense of Marriage Act was passed, ‘Gay Marriage’ was not considered possible. Less than 20 years later, we are being told that anything less than ‘Gay Marriage’ is discrimination.

Of course it is discrimination, and allowing ‘Gay Marriage’ is also ‘discrimination’ for a small class of people.

The primary reasons for the change are many, but the main ones are: tax benefits (see this 1989 NY Times article); some activists want greater freedom than marriage allows (see here) (and here for favoritism under immigration laws.)

But, the published ‘agenda’ is seldom that large. See GLAAD’s mission statement here. There they claim the agenda as being about understanding, acceptance, and equality.

So, how do we address equality?

If we reduce the taxes upon gay couples, we will have to tax single people, straight couples, and traditional families more.

If the agenda is about equality, then why is there a push for gay couples to gain tax benefits I do not have? I am single.

There is also a push for adoption. I am not certain how strong of a push that really is. On the one side, I do know some have advocated for tax payments to gay couples for adoptions just like for straight couples. And I did blog on that before.

I think.

But, I think I already have enough above for this one blog post.

And here I want to ask, “Since Gay Marriage is against my Religion, how will the tax burden be handled so that I am not paying to support gay marriages against my Religion?”

I cannot blame someone for wanting to pay less in taxes. But, should I pay more, so they can pay less?

What do you think?


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2 Responses to Why do Gays want Gay marriage?

  1. abtwixt says:

    I appreciate your honest thoughts… I would say that gay couples probably think the same about heterosexual married couples (why should I pay more so they can pay less?), just as non-religious people certainly think the same about churches (who are tax exempt), and you could think the same about other non-profits that don’t agree with. Both fortunately and unfortunately, the system is not set up to cater to any individual’s preferences, so the best solution is to try to avoid giving any one group an unfair advantage. I am both Christian and heterosexual, and sometimes think that we receive too many unfair advantages, mostly because so many laws were written when “we” were nearly the entire citizenry.

    • Thank you for your comment!

      First, I receive unfair taxation. Jesus endorsed a 5% tax rate, not the 55% rate my government wants to tax me, so they can give benefits to those who pay no tax.

      Second. I agree, homosexual couples want what some heterosexual couples have.

      However, not all straight couples get a tax break in America.

      And most of those laws were written in that manner because England had forced us to flee from tyrannical religious discrimination – similar to what I as a Christian experience today if I choose to actually practice my faith.


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