How do we make social change fair?


In the past, America rewarded behavior which was good for most people. And America penalized behavior which was not good for most people.

The only exception to this would be slavery. And no, women’s suffrage was as much a social change as it was a voting right. Even today, most married women vote the same way their husbands do. So, no like then, they were represented through their spouses.

We are no longer rewarding good behavior. Now we are rewarding bad behavior.

Look at strip-clubs and x-rated movie theaters. The whole pornography industry raises violence, and especially violence against women and children. But, they are not paying for the burden of their negative behavior.

We are.

Many service ‘industries’ are like this. Bars. Hollywood. Game makers. And now they make our schools to be part of the problem. They blame ‘guns’ for what their social change has caused. And instead of addressing what causes our problems, they address other rights and blame them.

So, how do we make social change ‘fair.’

How do we reduce the burden I am forced to carry?

I do not want to live a life full of fear, so others can live a life of excess. If someone wants to live that life, shouldn’t they have to take out an insurance policy which protects me?

When they talk on their cell phone and drive? Or choose to drive aggressively and try to get me to drag race them?

Or cuss me out, because I asked their child to behave instead of hit me at the grocery store?

Where has my right of safety (also known as, “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness”) gone to?

And what about the children?

Don’t they have a right of a school system free from political propaganda and brain washing? Wasn’t fear of brain washing the reason given for removing a moment of silence from our schools?

Yes, that was what they told me in school.

So, why do our children get brain washed into thinking ‘sex, drugs, violent music, and violence’ are a normal part of society?

How is that good for me?

Is it good for you?


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