Crime rates in America


Here are two links for crime rates in America. Maybe I’ll make that three?


Cato Institute on police criminal activity.

Texas Concealed Handgun License Holders and their crime rates.

Here is a database covering crime and gun crimes.

You will notice, they made the common error of including all gun fatalities in the murder rate, they are showing the total number of gun deaths minus the suicide y guns. The problem with that is it includes accidental shootings and self-defense shootings in with the ‘murder rate.’

31,593 total gun deaths in 2008.

Accidental shootings in 2008. 680 accidental shooting deaths.

Suicide accounts for 59.8% of shooting deaths, homicide about 36.7%.

A better list of murder in 2008. 30% of murders are not committed by guns.

And then there are the numbers of people who use a gun in self defense ….

That will be in an upcoming blog.

What do you think?

Are guns a bigger problem than criminals?


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