The real Asian pollution impact


Have you heard the classic lie, “The Industrial Nations polluted to get where they are, now it is our turn?”

Well, it seems that the pollution causing ‘global warming’ has been Asia and Europe – the USA caused about 20% …. *

BBC Article.

So, why would the ‘greenies’ lie to us? Why would the media lie to us? Why would other countries lie about the impact?

Why have ‘scientists’ lied to us?

I think it is a new kind of greed. Not the historical “I want more, and I want it now.” Or, the other, “What is mine is mine, and what is yours is mine.”

Our current greed is based upon punishing those who committed no crimes. Punishing the innocent.

Now, I am the first to admit, we all do bad things. Even if it is “only speeding.”

But, punishing people for murder and rape when they did not commit the murder or the rape is crazy.

Since the 1950’s there has been a strong push to punish ‘White America’ for the crimes of the Slavers from the 1800’s.

NEWS ALERT. The Slavers were British and Portuguese …. and Africans. Ten percent of the buyers in the slave trade were North American. And the buyers were less than 10% of ‘white Americans.’ And some were actually ‘Black Americans.’ So, why aren’t the Slavers punished? Why aren’t the other 90% punished?

OK, that would be a different direction than I want us to go for now.

But, the mass confusion of our Media, Politicians, Educators, and the Elitists is due to a misplaced guilt. And in order to punish the small percentage responsible, they decided to punish all Americans, especially the Blacks.

The real Asian pollution impact is simple. White and Black Americans are under employed. Under Utilized.

And grossly under paid.

As long as they can continue to argue about ‘global warming,’ they will keep us from fixing the real problems of un-employment and under pay.

* A link discussing the greater impact of airliners on global warming than cars.

But, the Asian pollution impact is greater.

The focus upon the 500 years of ‘global warming’ instead of upon pollution has focused upon man’s 5 percent impact upon the carbon cycle; the wrong focus does not take into account the simple fact that deforestation has a greater impact upon global carbon than the rest of man’s ‘pollution.’

But, all of my writing is distracting from the real problem.

Asia, especially China and India, is a huge polluter.

Satellite pollution map from

Satellite pollution map from

That map should say it all.

‘White guilt’ is murdering billions of people. All in the name of extreme politics.

Do you think we can correct the problem?


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3 Responses to The real Asian pollution impact

  1. Courageous of you. Every time I suggest in one way or another what you are saying I get slapped down. I won’t touch the slavery blame with a ten foot pole, However, I would like to point people to the deforestation issue, could you direct me to your source. I would love to reblog your post, but to keep the audience I need for my business have to tread softly. Still I do keep trying, just a bit gentler.

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