A somber remembrance

I am surprised you made Freshly Pressed. They tend to advertise the lower quality blogs out there.

Sometimes our worst is the best we had that day. Having said that,

Thank you Sergeant for doing what you could to bring home the men you did.

Unfortunately, our Politicians did not take their oath to the Constitution as seriously as you took your oath. Nor did they experience your loss.

Maybe it is time we change all that.

Maybe we should place Congress and the President outside of the green zone until they can learn to lead our country?

Thank you.


Life of A Fallen Angel

As a veteran and a Marine today is one of those days that I am haunted by the past. I look to the left and right of me, no one is there but I still see the faces of friends who have fallen before me. Lives I’ve held in my hand but let slip through my fingers like water in a stream.

Dead baby jokes whispered quietly just under the ringing in my ears. Laughs shared; tears shed. My brothers in arms, my family; or at least the closest thing I ever had to family. Not a day goes by where I don’t think about how many of them, people I knew, will have their wives or girlfriends wake up in the morning and roll over to an empty bed, the warmth stolen from them just like the last breaths of their loved ones.

What do you tell a woman when you…

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