The truth does not make me right.


Thank you for reading, commenting, and keeping me straight.

Just because I have a powerful memory and retain tons of meaningless data; just because I can put all that data together; and you might enjoy reading what I write about that; none of that makes me ‘right.’

The truth is always the truth.  The real truth never changes, because I write it, or someone else writes it.

And I appreciate your keeping me honest.

I mentioned earlier about the guilt for slavery being placed upon ‘white Americans’ and ignoring the rest of the guilty.  And even blaming those ‘white’ people who had nothing to do with slavery.

Yes, that is hard for some to accept.

But, I have never met a normal person of color who has been to Africa and thought Africa was a better place to live.

So, is the politics of race powerful because all ‘white men’ are guilty?  Notice the politics of race usually tries to include women as part of the downtrodden by the ‘white man.’

No.  The politics of race is powerful because powerful elitists make it powerful.

Most black men and women I meet are not mad at me, ‘because your ancestors enslaved my ancestors.’  No one ever asks me if my ancestors owned slaves.

The evil of slavery was defeated by (mostly) white men like myself who died upon the fields of combat in outrageous numbers.

And I believe most people of color have gotten past all that decades ago.

BUT, the politics have not moved on.


Because the political elite like the narrative.  It makes them feel that they are good ‘whites’ fighting the bad ‘whites.’  They have not forgotten the problem that was solved already.

Does their problem make me better?  No.  Does it make me right?  No.

Only Jesus makes me right.  It is his Truth which can cleanse me of the great sins I have committed.  And why do the political elite focus upon the past and other people’s wrongs?  Because they fear their guilt.

And they fear Jesus.

Ask yourself one simple question:

“Why are so many people afraid to discuss Jesus as their God until a tornado hits?”

We are not supposed to discuss him during politics, marriage, or even when discussing gays.

But, let a tornado hit, and even the atheist talking with Wolf Blitzer had to admit she was blessed.  Although, she was quick to point out she was an atheist.

No the truth does not make me right.  But, knowing who and what Jesus is about makes me redeemed.

Do you think it is too late for America to return to God?


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