Why can’t we all get along?


Have you noticed all the anger in our culture?

America is still the greatest country in the world.  But, we have too much anger.

I think way too much anger.

I attribute much of the anger to our social breakdown of family.

When children do not have loving fathers in their homes, the children suffer.  Unfortunately, children seem to suffer more if their fathers abandon them, or their mothers abandon their father, than if there is mild abuse in the home.

And that is scary.

And I apologize to all those parents who have done their best, only to be failed by their partner in the relationship.  But, it seems.

Divorce is a form of child abuse, and we look the other way.

Single mother head of households are a form of abuse, and we look the other way.

I believe we need to enforce better social standards and values upon our children, but especially our parents.

What do you think?


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