I do not feel good.


Yes, I do feel ‘sick.’ But, I truly do feel ‘sick.’ One is illness, the other emotional.

Some might say it is religious, or political, rather than emotional.

Whatever it is, I hurt for America and where we have gone as a culture, and as a people.

I have friends today who think America is doing ‘OK.’ And I know we are so far from ‘OK,’ it is not funny. To borrow an old and worn out expression.

I read about the woman in Rhode Island sicking her pit bulls on a reporter. But, what makes me sick is not her violent action. What makes me sick is the reaction of reporters, “privacy versus the right to know.

I feel there is a huge difference between ‘felony assault with intent to kill, or maim’ and ‘privacy.’

Don’t you?

Or, this one “Professor calls for NRA members to be shot by firing squad for treason.

And no, I do not think crazies like that progressive give me the ‘right’ to be stupid in return.

But, the society has changed, and not all is bad, but not all the change is good.

And it makes me feel bad. Bad for America.

Do you remember leaving your back door open?

When you could almost always trust your neighbor?

It is like we have all gotten amnesia and forgotten what it means to be American.

Can someone remind me what it means to be an American?


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13 Responses to I do not feel good.

  1. When you could leave your door open, African Americans were being lynched near Orlando, Fl., in the 1950’s. It always seems as if everything is going to pot.
    Marilyn Manson said it best: “America is based on two principles, Fear and Consumerism.”
    Sorry Ghost, I had to get out of Dodge to Germany, where it is still 20-30 years behind America’s thinking. But Germany is on its way…

    • Michael,

      Yes, Democrats did lynch African Americans, but African Americans were not being lynched when I was leaving my back door open.

      And do not forget, that while I was able to feel safe, the Democrats placed Black families into their welfare slavery system. Black families went from over 90% to under 30% ….

      Percentage of single mothers.

      And yes, Germany is behind America in our cultural mess.

      Thanks for commenting.

      • You’ve done well to point out statistics and problems. Solutions?

      • We should do what we can to roll back some of the social attitudes leading to the failures in our culture.

        I am a Christian, but I do not think we should ‘push’ a Christian agenda.

        But, we could quickly push a ‘marketing campaign’ teaching Americans what benefits are brought by marriage and family. And punish (higher taxes) those who wish to continue to misdirect Americans to make bad choices.

        Would that be a fair start?


      • I don’t think that was is happening in America culture is a failure. But I see that you do. And get used to it, because religion is waning, and this is a good thing…

      • ROFL!

        Over 50% of our children grow up in single mother households, their destiny is 3 times the likelihood of become abusers and or criminals.

        Is a good culture really that bad?

        Thanks for commenting!

      • Sorry, I don’t believe in Destiny, Fate, Schicksal or any other type thing like this. President comes form a single parent household. A man makes himself. Sure it may be more difficult. But the Columbine High Killers came from a ‘traditional’ family. Glad I could give you some levity, probably releases the tension you’ve been feeling.

      • Columbine killers did not come from a ‘traditional’ family.

        President was raised in a traditional family, remember? His mother left him with his grand-parents.

        But, the children get stuck with a pretty bad start – that is why the President wants universal pre-k …. he said so in Chicago, but I dare you to find that transcript, it disappeared within three days of appearing.

      • Grandparents raising their grandchildren, traditional? Really? OK…

      • Thanks for commenting.

        Rich white grandparents, not the ‘non-traditional’ single black mother raising a son who is at 3 to 5 times greater risk of ending up in jail.

        If we all had grandparents up around the 1%, it would be amazing what we could all do.

        I think.

        Don’t you?

      • Thanks for commenting.

        Compared to the description you would like us to perceive?

        Poor woman raising her kid on welfare, just so he would be president?

        Yes. Male and Female, married, and biologically related to their kid.

        Much more traditional, 20,000 years of history & culture, traditional.


        How is the weather in Munich?


      • Weather last 4 days, sunny. Traditionally, and earlier this spring-rain. But hey, water will be this planet’s most important resource in the next century-and Germany will have enough.
        Remember when John McCain was asked if he’d used the internet before? :”I haven’t personally, but I’d like to some day.” How can you expect that person to win an election? Or if they’ve never inhaled?
        Traditional, by definition, means keeping things the same. Would you prefer your blog communicating by smoke signals? Cans connected by a string?
        It’s 2013. And mankind is evolving. 15% of the world’s population is homosexual-much like the animal world. Would you like to throw them off the cliffs like they did in Sparta, oh wait, homosexuality wasn’t punished in ancient Greece (or Rome), it was tolerated/encouraged. Tradition…

      • Great weather.

        McCain. And interesting character. And unfortunately, he was right about the stupid war, and Obama wasn’t.

        Evolving? Interesting. Less than 3% of the population in any country is homosexual. Maybe 15% have been sexually assaulte by homosexuals.

        Yep. Rome & Greece raped their slaves …. not the lifestyle I would like.

        You keep me on my toes. I never know what you are going to write.

        Keep up the good work!


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