Why can’t we just get along?


You might have noticed some of my discussion with Neil.

I have to be blunt.

Assuming what I think and believe, when you do not want me to assume what you think and believe, is hypocritical.

But, what is more hypocritical is having two different styles.

Neil in person?  I enjoy his style and respect what he has to say.  He does not come across as confrontational.

His internet style?  Is just not as personal.  It is detached.

Just focusing upon one example.  In person, he discusses Secular Humanism.  And he describes himself as a Secular Humanist.

However, on his blog, he seemed to take exception to my pointing out that Humanism was a Christian philosophy, and what he was describing was Secular Humanism.

So, imagine my surprise when we have a discussion in his comment section, and then I watch his video discussing the same thing at a church.

The difference made me wonder if there was a hidden agenda?

I don’t think so.

I actually think it is (1) a difference between his vocal style of delivering his thoughts and (2) his written style of delivering his thoughts.

I have mentioned that in comments to him.

And this is ironic.

He might call his internet style more confrontational, he actually does that in one of his videos.


My overall observation?

Neil seems like a nice person, who would be fun to hang out with.  He actually seems nicer than some of the so-called Christians I know.

Who knows, maybe I will buy him lunch and discuss his philosophy some day.

What do you think?


PS I did not intend the title of this to sound confrontational.  How can we get along would have been better, but that will be a future blog, so I still need that title.  Forgive me if you do not like this title.

PSS This is his much longer video when he was at a Church.  He shares some good insight into his Secular Humanist philosophy.  And he is not a strong Anti-Theist, unlike some of the former Christians in the new Atheist movement.

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