Why Evangelicalism and Humanism Cannot Be Friends


I am still trying to figure out where our friend Neil is going with his argument.

But, it is often necessary for us to listen to or, in this case, read the argument of other people.

He describes himself as Godless in Dixie, Atheist, and Humanist. I have informed him of the difference between Secular Humanism and Humanism, so maybe he will pick up Secular Humanist over the more religious term Humanist.

I have pointed out how he makes me feel like he is trying to evangelize the people around him to become like he is, a Secular Humanist. And I asked a question similar to “Is it right to change the people around you, so you will feel comfortable, and they will feel alienated?”

Let us see where the discussion leads.



godless in dixie

humanistcrossI have very personal reasons for wanting to see Evangelicalism* and Humanism play well together.  You see, like an amphibian I straddle both worlds, with one foot in the former and another foot in the latter.  I am a Humanist (a more descriptive term than the more general “atheist,” which could mean a lot of things depending on context) but I live in a culture that is supersaturated with Evangelicalism.

Living in the Bible Belt is like being in church every day, everywhere you go.  People everywhere assume that you belong to the same religion as they do (95% of the time, they’re right) and they are accustomed to speaking to everyone as if that’s the case.  When you first move here, the second question you get asked (after “What do you do?”) is “Where do you go to church?”  Politicians and businessesmen wear their religious affiliations on their sleeves…

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