Praying for California and America


You have probably heard about the Santa Monica shooting.

Here is the story so far.

Another radical Muslim, this one they claim had mental issues and was distraught because his parents were getting a divorce.

If you live in California and think you are immune from divorce, you do have mental issues.

Can we just get along?

Seems like I write about this almost daily.

Friends, America needs to heal, and America needs to repent.

Not just in the Christian sense of the word, repent. Although, that would be nice as well.

But, with the progressive hate mongering, there has been too much sociological stress placed upon people. And when people are stressed out, they often ‘act out.

This time his acting out was not through drugs and sex, although he may have done that as well, but through violence.

He wanted his attention. He hurt, so he wanted everyone else to hurt.

When I was in college, a friend was hitting on my date. I acted out, and I punched a wall to hurt me and distract from my pain.


Because I did not want to hurt the cause of my pain, my soon to be former friend.

I was in control, even though it was not the most fun evening I ever had.

This young Arab man went from painful acting out to out of control quickly.

Violent social unrest is a consequence of violent social change.

I have blogged on the Gay Marriage problem, the divorce problem, the cultural decline in America. And often I am asked how it harms me.


Today it is harming every one of US. You are either one of US in pain, you are causing pain, or you are in denial.

Where are you on the scale?

Mr. President Obama, we need godly leadership. You do not have to invoke the name of Jesus to make me happy, but we need true confession and repentance before God.

Personally, I think true contrition is accompanied by submission to Jesus. But, that part of faith is often personal.


I am praying for my country. I am praying the progressive radicalization of America will stop for twenty or thirty years, so America has time to heal from our deep wounds.

And naturally, I pray in the name of the Creator, our Advocate, Jesus Christ.

That is how I am dealing with my pain and sorrow.

How are you dealing with your pain over this tragedy?


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9 Responses to Praying for California and America

  1. I had to read your post a couple of times to figure what point you were actually trying to make. It seems that you are blaming this guy’s illness on gay marriage and the like. Really? It’s not clear to me how allowing people to legally pledge their love to one another would cause a shooting. Personally, I think that America needs to repent of its oppression and hate towards gay people. Jesus said to love one another, not judge one another.
    We may see Jesus very differently, but I congratulate you on your FP anyway!

  2. Ghost, shame on you. Where has it been reported that this man was a radical Muslim. And you also wrote he’s an Arab. Maybe his family is from Pakistan. It’s clear to see that you are stereotyping here, and as a Christian you should be ashamed. You are trying to influence people with your choice of words-Muslim is radical is Arab. Perhaps you’re the radical, no?

    • Actually, I think you will notice the media has been very silent.

      They first reported he was from Lebanon, and then they began to report he was ‘white male.’

      Shame on me then. Let us see if another evil ‘white male’ was responsible ….


      Thanks for the comment though.

      And yes, there are those who think I am a radical.

      I have been typecast that way.


    • PS, his father’s name was Samir Zawahri.


      The data is back up: You have to turn on the captions. It had been up several hours ago on local Californian sites, but then national news kinda overshadowed the local and claimed the names were not known.


  3. PS, Lebanon has the highest percentage of Christians in the Arab world. Maybe 1/3. So again, you’ve jumped Ghost…

    • Michael, you really gotta move fast to keep up with the media. That is not my fault.

      And yes, they do have a high percentage, forced migration, and genocide made Lebanon into the highest concentration of Christians in the Arab world.

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