Why is CNN withholding the name of the killer?


One of you challenged me, I hope jokingly, about my assertion the Santa Monica killer was Muslim, Arab.

That had been reported quickly on Santa Monica area newspaper sites, then it was removed and statements like this put up at CNN:

“Police withholding name of Santa Monica gunman” CNN.com.

But, LA Times has been reporting for hours the man’s name, and his father’s name.

BTW, they have been reporting his name as John Zawahri, or real similar for about a day.

We have a problem in America. We are importing radical Muslims as if they were the same as the Japanese after WW2, the Germans, the South Vietnamese, or the South Koreans, or even Cubans.

Radical progressives refuse to believe that they can be wrong.

They refuse to believe that they would let the wrong people into the country.

NEWSFLASH: They have already let too many people in without traditional western cultural values. I am not writing as a Christian here, but as an American with many friends from the ‘Middle East’ over the years.

Without going into the cultural differences at depth, I once had a friend tell me, “I will explain Arabs (Muslims) to you on one condition. You will not ever tell anyone who I am. Because if you did, I would be hurt by my own people.”

That was 25 years ago.

Why is CNN withholding the name? A misguided thinking that they can maintain their control upon the status quo.

That their status quo of looking the other way as too much trouble is imported into America is not a problem.

That they can look the other way during this war (the opposite of the Vietnam War) as America becomes involved in over a dozen countries fighting a war that we were just told by the President is basically over.

As the NSA taps all our phones, because they say the threat is so big.

So, which is it? Is there a threat from radical Islam? A big enough threat we need to have all our phones tapped? A war fought in over 12 or 15 countries? Or, is the war over?

Are we going to deal with the two big problems in America?

1) We need to let America heal. Too much social experiment too quickly. Cultural, Hollywood, Family, and yes, too many radical Muslims let in. *

2) We need to pull our soldiers home from all over the world, and lessen the number of people on welfare, so we can balance our budget before we become the next Greece. *



Thank you for reading.

What are your concerns?


* Have you noticed how much time they spend on the ‘illegal Mexicans?’ Most Mexicans are ‘refugees’ from a terrible war, we helped create and continue. Millions still went home when the job market crashed. But, we let in millions of ‘Muslim refugees.’ Why Muslims and not Mexicans? It is not fear of their skin color …. Why would we fear Mexicans over Muslims? Especially war refugees from war zones who do not agree with our western culture as a valuable thing?

Just a thought.

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2 Responses to Why is CNN withholding the name of the killer?

  1. Maybe we should begin focusing on victims, and not killers. Keeping it real…

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