Do Gays join the military to attack men?


I was asked by a PBS reporter if I would be willing to be interviewed on the problems with Gays in the US Army.

I agreed.

The ‘producer’ refused to return my phone calls. This was before, Don’t Ask Don’t Tell (DADT) was removed.

I saw the devastating impact upon the morale of my sister unit when I was in Korea. All because some Homosexual/Bi-sexual men forced (coerced) another soldier into Gay sexual activity.

Guess what?

The percentage of soldiers being abused seems to be going up.

Male rape in the military being confronted.

But, is it going up, because we are finally dealing with the problem?

Because there is a bigger problem than there was?

Because the men are on too many anti-psychotic drugs?

Because Gays are open now?

Because of war trauma?

Because of what? Honestly? There is no way to decide. And in the current political climate, even great studies would not change the political perception from what they want it to be.

The political perception (propaganda) is that young men need to burn off steam. Too much testosterone, and some men ‘act out.’ The vast majority of these attackers are heterosexual not homo-sexual.

OK, that is the politics.

I would think, from years of studying human sexuality, that the aggressors are a combination of hyper-sexed hetero-sexual, bi-sexual, and homo-sexual men. Men conditioned to think less of their victims because of pornographic addictions, medical and non-medical drug use, eroded cultural norms, hyper stressed conditions of perpetual war, the numbing effect of war, and yes, to some degree the opening of the Military to Gay men.

But, I doubt any studies would be that balanced. There will be little discovery of the many sides to the problem. And there will be (& already is) very little focus upon the Gay men in the Military.

If you have a son joining the Military, you need to pray for him just like you would a daughter joining.

The ranks have too many predators.

But, so does our society …. there are no longer ‘safe’ zones.

Here is the new link to Vassar: Vassar [the old page was removed by Vassar Vassar’s report on sexual assaults on college campuses, male and female. ]

What actions do you take for your safety?


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