Old [Fictional] Friends


Here is a story about “Home is where the heart is.” Our blogger weaves compares and contrasts her homelands in Michigan with Prince Edward Island as it was depicted in story of “Anne of Green Gables.”



Que Sera Sara?

Do you have stories that never get old? No matter how many times you hear them they still feel alive?

They can rekindle a sinking heart or augment delicious indulgences, but always prove stalwart companions.

Must be some type of magic.

And today, as I sold off our books — we’ve shed several hundred so far — I put an old favourite on tv to keep me company.

At the time I didn’t think much of it, just something familiar to hold onto absent-mindedly in all this goodbye.

But as happens so often these days, I accidentally managed to end up with exactly what I needed.


Anne of Green Gables may have been one of my most watched VHS as a child. My parents taped it off of the tv for me. I can still remember the scratchy static of a rewound tape, followed by the twangling of the…

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