Sen. Dianne Feinstein is an idiot.


First, I must admit that when I dealt with Sen. Feinstein’s office, they were un-professional.

However, to claim that NSA surveillance is a good thing would mean you have real support. What did she claim supported her crazy idea of surveilling all Americans?

Remember, the 2008 terror attack in Mumbai, India? 164 people slaughtered?

She said the NSA program (remember it is a new program, not more than 2 years old …. wink, wink.)

She said the NSA program had helped convict one of the terrorists … David Headley pled guilty.

CNN Article.

OK, maybe she is not an idiot, everyone in her family has gotten filthy rich, because she is a Senator.

And if you think I was harsh, read what some of her fellow progressive, tree-hugging, liberals say about her greedy wealth.

I almost felt sorry I was not being kind. But, after reading that, I realize I was not even close to being critical, merely critiquing her terrible record.


What do you think?


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