Chicago Democrats profile Americans, where is the ACLU?


This trend of government spying on Americans is scary.

Chicago’s Emmanuel authorized police overtime, and profiling of specific individuals to lower crime.


I like lowering the crime rate. I like lowering the murder rate.

But, I would like to point out some inconsistencies with what the Democrats are doing.

First, basic profiling of terrorists would have stopped several terrorist strikes, but Democrats refuse to allow America to target terrorists.

But, it is ok to target Citizens, if it might get you re-elected ….

Second, where is the “WOW, we fixed the gun problem by actually going after criminals?” Why aren’t they touting this great new program to fix the crime problem and the gun problem.

Why? Because they want control.

Third. Which part of big brother decides who is the enemy, and who is to be trusted?

Again, I appreciate they are finally shutting down the criminals, but where is the outcry?

What do you think?


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