Edward Snowden is a traitor, so what is the problem?


Edward Snowden is the guy who revealed the NSA is tracking all of us.

We have Senators & spy masters telling us to trust the government, that even though Snowden betrayed his country to tell us about this, we can trust the government.


Trust is not the problem.

The Constitution is the problem.

Are we free? Or, are we merely cogs for the machine.

I can admire Snowden’s gutsy move, but not his treason.

But, I cannot admire my country spying on me.

Especially since the people doing this are the same ones who cancelled parts of the Bush Administration’s tracking of terrorists.

So, this President wants to spy on Americans, but not on terrorists?

And that is my problem.

I am not the enemy. I am tired of what is supposed to be my government betraying me, and our Constitution. And that is every bit as treasonous as what Snowden did, or Manning did. BTW, spoiler alert, did you know Private Manning struggled with his sexual identity?

It is amazing how the govt keeps everything from the citizen …. And that encourages Citizens to betray trust with the government.

So, I really feel the problem is the government overstepping their bounds.

But, I still find it difficult to support treason.

Even if, the revelation reveals the Democrats are spying upon Americans, instead of terrorists.

Do you struggle with that as well? Or, which do you dislike more, the traitors, or the government spying?


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3 Responses to Edward Snowden is a traitor, so what is the problem?

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  2. His sexual identity struggles are mentioned but are such a small part of the NY Times story. Whereas before I thought you were intentionally doing things to stir the pot, I realize now you’re doing them out of your insecurity. Seek help.

    • My insecurity? I don’t have a problem with that.

      But, I do wonder about the direction America has traveled the last 50 years.

      And yes, I agree his identity issues are small. But, I think you missed, his betrayal was from one of his own as he sought help. And that should concern those dealing with their identity issues – don’t you agree?

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