How dangerous is it for women to travel alone?


Here is a great blog to get you thinking about how hazardous being an American woman today is.

How can we lower the risks for our women? Young? and Old?



By Caitlin Kelly

And, the latest rape in India of a foreign tourist.

Is it safe for a woman to travel alone?


Depending where she is, and if she is aware of her surroundings, sensitive to the local/regional culture, stays sober and alert and exercises good judgment.

There is no defense, ever, for rape.

But this recent American victim — who was hitch-hiking and chose to accept a ride from three men — could probably have made a wiser set of choices.

I would never hitch-hike, alone, nor would I ever accept a ride from three men. Certainly not in India. Not anywhere!

It’s very tempting to simply turn off your brain on vacation.

We’re desperate to relax, to get away, to shed the daily routines of paying attention to everything all the time. We want to be taken care of, to “get away from it all.” Especially…

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