OOOOHhhh! That really hurt!


At first, I thought, “Ouch? What did I do?”

My back and neck cause weird pain, but this hurts.

Then I realized, this wasn’t ‘pain’ in the usual sense. This was pain in my middle and ring fingers on my left hand. It usually goes numb, not into massive pain. As I tried to move my arm and neck to release some of the ‘pain,’ I quickly isolated the real culprit.

I had problems moving my hand, and that is usually a symptom of, did you guess? Massive cramping.

Trying to relieve the fingers, I was setting off a cramp in the palm of my hand, so I gently tried to move back toward the pain in the fingers …. as I tried not to set off my palm, my forearm, and bicep tingled as they warned of further imminent cramping ….

Now the fingers in my right hand hurt, but this is just normal pain ….

Normal pain? What kind of crazy life did I sign up for? Normal? Pain? In the same sentence?

Maybe we could get some politicians to volunteer to live like this, and see if that made me feel better?

Even if it did not make me feel better, I would tell them it did, just so they would continue experimenting upon politicians for a little longer.


Does wanting politicians to hurt more than I do mean I am a psychopath?


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3 Responses to OOOOHhhh! That really hurt!

  1. The relationship I’ve noticed recently between my hands and politicians has been strictly limited to the middle fingers.
    – Jeff

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