How did Obama win his elections? Banking the vote.


First, his supporters did not vote for him because they believed in him.

The night of the election, I was in Chicago.

I asked one of his fervent supporters, “What if you do not get from Obama what you expect from him?”

I.e., he was very unknown.

Answer, “That worries me.”

The way Obama won his elections was a combination of old-fashioned campaigning, about 80 to 90% of his votes.

The Democrats were counting on “banking the vote” in Ohio. Their field operatives were supposed to physically bring their voters to the polls each day of early voting, and systematically pile up an insurmountable [I auto fixed their typo] margin going into election day.

Election Day is 15 days in the state of Florida. It’s election season rather than just one day.

The news is not out there any more, ironic how they hide the news which makes the progressives look bad. I just spent half an hour trying to find Obama’s claim he banked 8 million votes the last election, or find how many millions of votes ACORN banked in the previous election.

Remember his previous machine, ACORN, went to jail for voter fraud and manipulation.

ACORN’s web site

Map of ACORN’s fraud.

Even WIKI discusses ACORN in a non-favorable light. And Obama’s connection.


I have a problem with banking the vote. OK, I have two problems.

First, they refused to let me vote in the last election – and that did not make me happy.

Second, they allowed people to ‘bank votes.’ Banking the vote is a method of throwing the vote in your favor.

It is like poll taxes in my mind. Illegal manipulation of the way DEMOCRACY should work.

How about you?

Is it ok to let some Americans vote and deprive others of the right to vote?


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