If guns are the problem, then ban water!


Yes, people are killed with guns, the approximate death rate from guns (total gun use for self-defense) is similar to deaths from driving a car. Not the same, but there are a lot smaller number of people murdered with guns than there are people using them lawfully.

But, what about water?

OK, the numbers made my head spin, but then again, I had to actually do the math. Read it lightly if numbers drive you crazy. Or, just skip the numbers.

There are around 3,000 homicides each year. Not related to gang and drug activity. There are around 12 to 15% of those are ‘justifiable’ homicide – self-defense.

80% of murders are gang related – what the media and progressives do not want you to know.

Justifiable homicides.

FBI Statistics – look at tables 14, 15, 20.

NOTE: Actual justifiable homicide is broken down into two categories – one for cops, and one for civilians. I have never seen both numbers added together and counted, all sources I have sen used only one total for both civilian and police shootings.

14,612 total deaths. take 40% of those and you get 5845. Take 20% of those and you get 1169. Subtract 393 and subtract 260 and you get 516 murders not gang related and about 150 of those did not use a gun. NOTE: of 5845 about 3274 were gang murders using guns.

516 out of 14,612.

653 justifiable homicides compared to 516 actual homicides …. [not gang related] about 97% of justifiable homicides involve guns & about 70% of other homicides use guns.

About 175 accidental deaths from guns – again, I need to warn you, they bury the real numbers deep, so it always sounds like a much bigger number.

3,880 die from drowning.

1,600,000 accidents caused by cell phone usage.

2,600 killed by cell phone distraction.

So, if guns are a problem, should we ban water and cell phones?


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