Mars, here we come, once we overcome Earth’s gravity.


Have you ever wanted to be an astronaut?

I have, did, and do.

Although, my body may not be up to the ‘g’ forces to get out of Earth’s gravity.

Now we have all of these ‘scientific’ experiments going to Mars, what do you think?

Should a lump of metal have priority going over a real live human? Or, two, or four?

Personally, I think a crew less than four to six is to small from the operational side of things. You would need a two-man crew on duty at all times, I would think.

What is funny to me is the outrageous ideas that get thrown around, and real Science is ignored.

The only reasonable way from here to there is with nuclear propulsion. Chemicals (1) weigh too much, and (2) would have to all launched out of Earth’s gravity.

Nuclear would require launching the engine out of Earth’s gravity. But, the largest components of the fuel could be mined on the Moon, requiring a greatly reduced amount of fuel to be used getting out of Earth’s gravity.

And it would encourage a Moon base, not that we ‘need’ one, but working off of the Moon for this requirement (going to Mars) would simplify some of the logistics.

Not all, I am a realist.

But, a Moon base would greatly increase the probability of success on Mars. The mining operation, harvesting of ice/water from the soil, setting up the magnetic launch rail are all components of a serious Mars Mission.

The Western nations have the technology, and China has the money.

I think that would be a perfect ‘Marriage.’

Don’t you?


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4 Responses to Mars, here we come, once we overcome Earth’s gravity.

  1. Mordanicus says:

    I agree with you that Western nations and China should cooperate in space. The point is, however, that the US governments has the irrational fear that sensitive technology will fell in the hands of the Chinese. This fear is irrational because the Chinese will develop this technology on their own sooner or later.

    • Thank you for commenting.

      I think a big part of the divide right now, is China wants to regain some ‘glory.’ And doing things alone, or seeming to be alone, will make them feel better.

      • Mordanicus says:

        True, glory is certainly a big part of it. The Chinese of a long history and they are proud on the civilization. And doing their space program alone would strengthen their self image.

      • But, it would be nice if they let one or two of us in on the party, and we could help them ….

        Would you go to Mars?

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