Obama, CIA arm Syrian terrorists.


I thought helping Osama bin Laden would have taught American Progressives that they do not understand the Islamic extremists?

I hoped they felt America’s pain from the thousands of brave Americans who have died because they armed bin Laden.

But, no.

Now Obama has ordered the CIA to arm the Syrian terrorists.

All we will do is lengthen the war. And more civilians will die.

We will not buy love from Muslim countries, and will buy more hate from Islamic extremists.

Haven’t we learned that Muslims do not love America?

Tolerate, yes.

Envy, certainly.

Want to live here, most definitely.

But, love America?

You have to understand a culture, before you can love that culture.

We do not understand them, and they do not understand us.

And no, that is not a crazy statement. IF you really think it is, make some real Muslim friends.

No, not the progressive, “I have a black friend, so I cannot be the racist pig I see in the mirror.”

But, real friends. Have dinner with them, cook for them. Not fast food. Talk to them about what they like, love, and hate.

If you have a real group of Muslim friends, you will notice circles of friendships within the group. In English we often call these ‘cliques.’ But, they are not cliques. They are circles of loyalty.

In the Islamic world, especially the Arab Islamic world, there are circles of loyalty.

And until you can see those, and until you can feel you are not part of the important circles, you will never get close to the heart of Islam.

Not even close.

How close have you been to the heart of Islam?

Are you close enough to trust, or distrust, the CIA and Obama?


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