Will America get a President for the people?


America is at a very bad point in our history.

Bush divided people, because he was ‘a white man.’ But, it was ok for Clinton to call himself the ‘first Black President?’

We are at a point where about 6% of our country is destroying the rest of us.

No one likes this war, ok almost no one.

But, Obama loves starting new wars.

He has invaded over 20 countries.

Yes, that is a guess. None of our spy guys are concerned about his invasions of other countries, only about his spying upon Americans. Don’t get me wrong, I am glad they at least have ‘a’ problem with protecting the Constitution they swore to protect.

We were told Bush was hateful for invading Iraq for the same reasons, Obama is giving to attack Syria?

Terrorists in Syria killed a bunch of Hussein’s family in terrorist attacks.

I am not saying he is a good guy, Obama is invading for the same reasons Bush invaded Iraq.

And everyone with the name Hussein is a bad guy, right?

Just like I am a bad guy, because I am “white like … [my] brother Bush.”

Well, Obama went to the same schools as ‘his brother Bush,’ and he has doubled Bush’s mistakes. He has more than doubled the National Debt.

OK, overall many times worse than Bush. Bush may have invaded 3 or 4 countries.

The terrorists in Syria just executed a 15-year-old boy selling coffee.

Do we want to give terrorists more weapons?

Or, do we want to put Americans to work and pay down Obama’s debt?


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