Why I know Obama is wrong in Syria.


Often progressive politicians (liberals) ignore the past. And even worse, they ignore what happened under Democratically controlled governments.

“They still blame Bush for Valley Forge.” – me.

What is the objective in Syria?

Do we want them to just kill each other until Syria is no more important than the Bronx, and half the population?

Sorry to my friends in the Bronx, but you are the most noticeable small group I could think of.

Well. OK. If your genocidal plan works, you will be up there with the Yugoslavians in Kosovo, Adolf Hitler in WW2, Idi Amin, Pol Pot, Mao, and a few others.

But, you are forgetting one major difference in Syria.


We keep freaked out because a failed starlet from Texas sent poisoned letters to the president.

That would honestly be no great loss, unless they forgot to eliminate the second idiot in chief.

But, if they spread 2 ounces of powder, weapons grade, at Wall Street, America as we know it would cease to exist.

Or, if they gave away 100,000 packets of ‘powder’ to ‘friends of Syria. We would never have control of the genie again.

The only way to prevent this from happening would be to ban all Muslim immigration. And immigrating several hundred thousand per year is difficult to stop.

We should stop that anyway.

But, how do you put the genie back in the bottle once you break the bottle?

Being stupid and starting a war, declared or undeclared, with Syria could get New York, Washington, LA, and Chicago slimed with enough slime to kill 40 million Americans.

This stuff is weapons grade. It is stuff our Army trains to fight in. But, major American cities are not prepared, at all for a Chemical, much less Nuclear attack.

I know the Idiot in Chief has a lot of under idiots promising him we are better ….

But, we only have to finish in second place ONE TIME.

The economic collapse following that would be immediate and severe.

Currently, the best option we can hope for is “Obama wants to kill a bunch of people. He loves violence and bloodshed, and he just campaigns as a ‘nice guy.'”

The other option is “Al-Assad is smarter than Obama, and he decides to attack the USA …. because we attacked him.”

We would lose. Even if the only major ‘American’ City he destroyed was Paris, or ironically Cairo, Istanbul, or any of 50 other major cities. Once he had attacked a major ally, the fear of ‘thousands of missing chemical and nuclear weapons’ would reduce American economic output. The economic collapse of the western world as we know it now would be slow, yet quick and eventual.

What do you think?

Is playing with a boogey man ever smart?


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2 Responses to Why I know Obama is wrong in Syria.

  1. To be sure to defend ourselves successfully, we must stop them every time. To successfully attack us, they must only succeed occasionally. If they succeed occasionally, then once per decade, there will be “big ones.” That’s one reason it’s called Asymmetric Warfare.

    You say that if we attack them, we’ll regret it because they’ll unleash a 100,000 death packets disguised as sugar. But they’ll eventually do that anyway, 100 at a time.

    Our ACLU defends them to the death. OUR death, that is.

    There isn’t ANY “safe” answer to this problem. And it sure ain’t much fun thinkin’ about it.

    – Jeff

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