Guns or Jobs?


With the crazy guns for Syrian rebels, is the Administration trying to put Americans to work?

Think about this for a moment, guns and ammo are the only sectors of the economy the Administration has stimulated into growth.

I do not consider welfare, more government employees, or cutting Medicare to grow Medicaid ‘growth.’

But, the Administration has kept guns and ammo sold out for 7 months this year.

Maybe they think sending guns to Syria will keep that part of the economy tight and growing for the next year?

Are 200,000 more Syrians dead worth the price?

Satirically, I might say, ‘yes.’ But, I really do not want to see people die, just so Americans can work.

Do you want guns sold to get more jobs?

Or, would you rather old-fashioned, real manufacturing, jobs?


Short on ammo?

Here is strongly worded blog.

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