I surprised my parents for Father’s Day.


Yesterday, I drove up to surprise my parents for Father’s Day.

My mom cried. Ahh…

My dad told me to forget birthdays, just bring him Father’s Day gifts ….

Hey, I can be good when I am not bad.

But, I was surprised by CNN and FoxNews (I have Sirius in the car). Both had feminists ranting about how we do not need fathers, just mothers.

C’mon! On Father’s Day, celebrate fathers. We all had a father, we are not cloning ‘yet’.

Any way, back to surprising my parents.

I got my dad a new set of battery power drills, two drills and a cutting saw.

Lowe’s power drill set. And one more hammer drill.

Now, if only I can get him to make me something ….


What did you do for Father’s Day?


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2 Responses to I surprised my parents for Father’s Day.

  1. Joan Reid says:

    I got hubby a Spurs T-shirt. After living here 12 years and having celebrated 3 of the 4 national championships, I felt it was time for this tightwad girl to spring for a t-shirt. So glad you honored your dad with the best gift of all- your loving presenCE!

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