NY Times noticed what I have said for years.


The NY Times reported what I have noticed for years.

America is falling apart. And it began during the 1960’s as groups socially engineered a new America.


It is not good to destroy family and expect young people to teach each other how to behave in a manner good for the Country.


What do you think?


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16 Responses to NY Times noticed what I have said for years.

  1. Have you read the article? It sure reads as if much of the ills are from unfettered capitalism, progressivism gets only the first few paragraphs, unequal wealth distribution about 20. Why do you continue to misinform? It is easy to see that you are doing it on purpose. Blame the Arabs/Muslims, blame the progressives, blame the atheists, blame the honey bees…

    • Michael,

      You do make me pause on occasion. So, I thank you for your comments.

      Wealth distribution has always been a problem, and I am against bad wealth distribution.

      Why should a Kennedy be rich because they hid money from the tax man? Money they got from running drugs (shine) ….

      I did not mis-inform, I informed on the important part of the article.

      See, sometimes we agree.

      I hope we agree that radical Muslims blowing up Munich would be a bad thing.


      • Radical Christians, Nazi’s, etc.
        Important you say-
        then make sure you say ‘I think the most important part’….The Bush family is descended from slave runners…

      • Bush and Obama are cousins, so what are you saying?

      • Michael,

        I re-read my blog, and your comments. I had already read the NY Times article.

        And I have missed the part about the Old World atheistic Nazis and their eugenics movement (which started the New World progressive movement).

        I also missed the Christians. But, the God of Christianity did bless the Western World, especially America.

        And while the NY Times article did do one of those back handed slaps at capitalism.

        Capitalism has never been a problem, greed has always been a problem. And just as greed drives the far-right, greed also drives the radical progressives and their drive to steal from the Middle Class to economically enslave the poor with ‘welfare.’

        They rob from God, because it was his plan to take care of the poor through the churches. And when churches let government take over the welfare of the poor several things happened.

        We went from helping the poor, to arguing how big their ‘entitlement’ should be.


        I never met someone handing out money to a beggar who was begging for their ‘entitlement.’ No matter how drunk, or dirty, or truly needy they were they always say, ‘Thank you.’

        But, as soon as it becomes an entitlement, ‘thank you’ is replaced with ‘entitlement.’

        God and the position of the church was greatly diminished. We can discuss the importance or lack there of later.

        It moved the reliance of family upon the man of the house to the government.

        Ironically, the government progressives have begun a campaign saying exactly that. Now they want more money to make up for the disadvantage not having a father gives to children ….

        And, it removes the desire from some people to work, and it replaces the God given desire with a desire to work for more ‘entitlements.’

        Sadly, it has been going on for 200 years in the USA.

        As for Bush and Obama being related to Slave Runners, that only makes sense if their families were British, Portuguese, or Muslims …. I doubt if the rest of the world dealt in the slave trade back then.

        Now, you have my head hurting from all this thinking.

        Thanks for the comments, you make me exercise.


      • “The Right thinks that the breakdown of the family is the source of crime and poverty, and this they very insightfully blame on the homosexuals, which would be amusing were it not so tragic. Families and ‘family values’ are crushed by grinding poverty, which also makes violent crime and drugs attractive alternatives to desperate young men and sends young women into prostitution. Family values are no less corrupted by the corrosive effects of individualism, consumerism, and the accumulation of wealth. Instead of shouting this from the mountain tops, the get-me-to-heaven-and-the-rest-be-damned Christianity the Christian Right preaches is itself a version of selfish spiritual capitalism aimed at netting major and eternal dividends, and it fits hand in glove with American materialism and greed.”
        ― John D. Caputo, What Would Jesus Deconstruct?: The Good News of Postmodernism for the Church

      • Michael,

        I am glad you read.

        But, I do not blame the Progressive failure on the gay agenda, the gay agenda is merely one area where the Progressive agenda is failing.

        Family is where they are succeeding in their destructive agenda.

        How would you restore the economy they have bled to death?

      • We agree, in principle.

        He has borrowed 960 billion a year off of the books to do that. If Germany and China were not in so much trouble, we would be suffering severe depression and inflation at the same time.

        But, he has been good for my stocks.

      • Germany in trouble, uhm, no. Some are predicting 0% unemployment in Germany by 2020…

      • They are taking great drugs. Germany historically has 9 to 10% unemployment.

        Driven by great social benefits (welfare) for immigrants.

        So, if you are saying they have cut immigration, I might believe 6%

      • Half of that number is from those 58-60 who’ve decided that collecting unemployment (60% of full salary) is better than working. Great country! And they are still propping up the EU!
        I live in Munich, where unemployment is like 3%, which is negligible. ‘Help Wanted’ signs everywhere!

      • That is great.

        So, should I move there and go on unemployment?


      • If you can get a contract from a company (which is normally for life), then sure. But you’ll only be able to subsist, nothing more. If you are that type of person who likes handouts, give it a shot. But learn German first…

      • All progressive liberals love handouts, so why shouldn’t a traditional hard working American?


        I have always worked for what I earned. God has blessed me, and taken care of me.

        But, I think you would find European welfare to be much easier than your perception. I have met retirees who went over there and got on their retirement subsidies. Not my idea of retirement.

        But, like they said, “We tried to give it back. But, they wouldn’t take it back. So, what do you do?”

        The inconsistencies of progressive philosophy makes me laugh.

        So what is there good to see in Germany?


      • I do not know why you quote such out of touch liberals.

        The President himself in Chicago spoke on this topic, and he, the progressive liberal in Chief said, the problems in society are because children grow up fatherless.

        And if he can believe the truth, you and I should be able to agree upon it.


        Thanks for commenting.

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