Obama comment on ‘divisive’ Catholic education means class in session for #ObamaApprovedSchools


Not all of these are funny. But, some are hilarious.



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7 Responses to Obama comment on ‘divisive’ Catholic education means class in session for #ObamaApprovedSchools

  1. Another fake scandal where opponents of Obama latch onto any comment and twist completely out of proportion. First of all, Obama mentions Catholic and Protestant schools, so it is not an attack solely on Catholic schools.

    Secondly, he points out an obvious fact. Northern Ireland is very divided and heavily segregated. Most Catholics have very little contact with Protestaants and vice versa. Some scholars blame divided education for continuing the division. If you go to a school with only members of your own group and have little contact with others, then you will find it hard to understand the other side. They will seem different and seperate. This is why some called for mixed schools of where Catholics and Protestants could attend school together.

    • WE AGREE, at least in part.

      But, what got everyone angry about his outburst was much simpler than that.

      He did not discuss this as particular to Ireland, north or south.

      He IS the American President, not Irish. And as such, he was speaking against our private schools …. At least that is what many of my Catholic friends here felt.



      • What? Did you actually read his comments? He is clearly discussing Northern Ireland (after all that is where the speech occurred). The relevant section makes no mention of America, but is clearly meant to be specific to the local area. He was not in anyway speaking about either Catholic or private schools (schools in Northern Ireland receive state funding).

      • I listened to him.

        You are not listening to him as an American President. I am. So, are most American Catholics.

        Yes, he meant to address North Ireland, but, he did not separate out his comments very well.



      • I should have added, Muslim schools get funding here ….

      • Would you prefer if only Christian ones did? Funding for your religion only and nothing for others? Discriminate much?

      • You do think quickly. Thank you for the comment.

        Christian schools do not get funding here. Schools are being sued by ‘not for profit political organizations’ all the time if there is any mention of Jesus.

        Especially the word Christmas is almost banned in Schools.

        But, you are happy they indoctrinate children with Islam instead of Christianity?



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