Why Read Dystopian Novels?


This is an author’s perspective of their novel. And why they let their kids read dystopian novels.

I do not know if the novel is any good, the reasoning is ok, even if it is unlikely global warming will make Earth average 115 degree days. It has never done so throughout history.

But, fiction is about escapism.



Tor/Forge Blog

Written by P.J. Hoover

A world in which children are sent to battle to the death for our amusement. One in which the moon has been knocked from its orbit. And another in which scientists weed out inferior humans. Recent young adult literature is filled with grim scenarios of utter destruction. My newest book, Solstice, is a dystopian novel (with a huge mythological twist) set in future Austin, Texas during a time when global warming is destroying the earth. Daily temperatures are 115 degrees F or higher, and giant retractable domes have been built over the city to help protect those who live there. The global heating crisis is a slow, yet severely damaging, process; in this world, food and water shortages are the norm and government officials are constantly looking for an edge.

As the mother of two kids, I am constantly looking for reading material with content…

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