Europe is in TROUBLE.


There are so many things that our ‘news media’ does not tell us.

The whole time they have been lying about the unemployment problem in America (greatly under-reporting the numbers), they have intentionally not told us about Europe.

Germany, the great powerhouse of Europe is hurting. And they are doing the best they have done in over a decade.

Think about that. They are doing better than we are.

Wink, wink.

But, they are really doing about the same as we are in the USA. But, they are the BEST LARGE economy in Europe.

The other economies doing well are all doing well because they are well run, small economies. And cultures.

Much like Texas carrying America, ok there are a couple of other states helping. But, much like Texas, the small economies in Europe are helping the big floundering economies survive.

The reason for the stock market problems the last two days were European contagion. Not because of the FED talking about changing future economic policy here.

Europe had some bad numbers come out this week during the European meetings.

And the problems in their economies cannot be fixed any time soon.

Their only hope is to print a lot of money, devalue their euro, cause massive inflation, and then pay off their crazy debts with worthless money.

And that is scaring America, and China.

Because America has already done as much of that as is possible. Without causing a massive inflationary bubble.

If Europe was to over inflate, I think it might help the USA. It would certainly be better than the USA going through hyper inflation.

Don’t you think?


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9 Responses to Europe is in TROUBLE.

  1. Hate to burst your bubble with some facts, but the unemployment rate in Germany is 5.4% while it is 7.6% in America. Germany is doing better than the US which discredits your argument. Whoops.

    Also, small countries like Ireland, Greece and Portugal are doing terribly and dragging the rest of the Eurozone down. Germany and France are doing far better.

    This is why I am always at you to research your posts.

    • I always suspect your data. Seems myopic.

      Here is the chart which motivated this blog post. An it is not the rosy story you showed.

    • And I regret busting your bubble, the article which spurred my interest in this showed between 6 & 7% unemployment in Germany this month.

      Now …. do you believe liberal magazines like Bloomberg?


      And I agree, some of the smaller countries are really in trouble, and their sickness is spreading to Germany, and has already engulfed France – I think.

      10% unemployment in France …. OUCH

      Thanks for your comment,


      • Even if German unemployment is 6 or 7% (see above comment) it is still below the American rate, nullifying your argument. Likewise, you seem to have disregarded your earlier claim that small countries were doing better. Now you claim their sickness has engulfed the larger ones. If you want to have it both ways then go ahead, why not.

      • The smaller countries which can parasite off of the larger economies are doing much better.

        Scandinavian and Switzerland are doing well. And Former Soviet countries are doing better than average in the EU. Germany is hurting, but I think they will make it, they are in the middle. France and the Mediterranean countries are hurting.

        If they could deport some of their Muslim immigration, they could all drop their unemployment rates drastically. Which used to be the reason countries had immigration (migrant workers). But, the EU has moved away from that model, and will have to live with the unemployment at record high levels.

      • Deport all their Muslims? What an intolerant, disgusting and racist idea. You are a disgrace.

      • No.

        I gave you an option.

        No one can ever have everything, there are always compromises.

        It appears to me, you would be happy to eliminate Christianity and replace it with Islam. You might want to live in one of the Muslim countries before you decide that is the way you really want to see Ireland go, although, it might be too late already.

        What do you think? Graduate studies in Pakistan?

        However, the most realistic response of reasoned people, once having imported temporary labor is not to put them on welfare, it is to send the temps home.

        Like I have written, Europe is in big trouble.

        How do you plan on paying for the current borrowing in Europe?

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