Friends, I am off topic.


I have written on Tarentino and his racist outbursts and I will compare them to Paula Dean and ask why is it ok for his racism, but not her apology?

But, I just watched a sad video on the hatred in America against Christians.

I will get a little preachy, so if you are not a Believer in Jesus Christ, this may not be a blog you want to read.

Some of my family came to America to escape the persecution in England against Christians who actually believed.

Half of their ship did NOT make it through the first year. Sound familiar? Their trip should, it is in your history books. Or, at least it used to be.

Tarentino went off on several hate filled “it is us against all those evil white people” rants. It is amazing the black men and women he hangs around with do not correct him.

But, the ones I hang out with are not full of hate. They are full of love.

Love is the difference between legal immigration and illegal immigration – that is a bigger topic – but, I want to make a point about this.

While there were hateful people involved in American history, there were also good people. And some of the good people, and some of the bad people actually came here legally.

More than 90% of all immigration to America was illegal.

I only know of 3 groups which actually worked at negotiating with the natives. One of those groups quickly abandoned negotiating and conquered. That group was led by Cortés. When initial meetings with the Aztecs (Mejica) showed there was not an opportunity to negotiate, he fought.

But, the other two groups negotiated with the locals. The first was Jamestown. A lot of them did not survive. But, they did negotiate with the local natives for access to land.

The next group headed for the Jamestown area (Virginia). But, they ended up 600 miles off course. They also negotiated their access to land in America with the rightful native owners.

They landed arrived at Plymouth Rock on the ship, Mayflower.

BTW, I had ancestors at both of those landings. I also had native ancestors.

But, again I digress, I chase rabbits, sometimes.

They came here for religious freedom, and they actually came here legally.

They came here for God and Country. Family was assumed.

Why is it different today?

Because freedom has become twisted to mean things it never meant before.

Freedom is not defined by the Supreme Court, freedom is defined in a person’s willingness to submit to God and serve Christ. Everything else is slavery to our flesh. Romans chapter 7.

America has moved from freedom from sin to tyranny under sin. We were under the name of God, now we are under the name of satan.

It is crazy to see people re-define everything so that they can get away with anything they want.

When I was in the Army, we had a New Yorker who had recently immigrated to America. In his mind it was ok to commit adultery with all women.

Naturally, most women were disgusted by him.

One weekend day, I had duty with him. That meant we worked together for 24 hours straight. It was a very long 24 hours. One of our black soldiers approached the office. I knew he was also a Christian. This New Yorker made a very derogatory statement about wanting sex with the man’s wife. I objected, and I was told, he had freedom, and so did she.

So, when the man walked in, I told him what our ‘acquaintance’ had said about his wife. In slightly nicer terms than he used.

He immediately objected. “That was not what I meant.”

The man looked at him, “I don’t care what you meant. Leave my wife alone.”

He agreed and gave me an evil look.

OK. What did I take away? His spirit was willing to do right, but his flesh overcame and destroyed his willingness.

How do I know that? His “I did not mean it that way” was immediate. After telling me his way was RIGHT (the flesh), he immediately knew what was correct when faced by the woman’s husband. He EXPECTED the man to be angry. He knew (in his spirit) right from wrong. And he rightfully feared the man’s anger.

But, I am willing to bet, more and more men and women have had their spirits beaten down by the last 20 years of continual demonic activity in America. And today, he might not back down so quickly.

But, we know the battle of the flesh. The difference today is too many people enjoy the corruption of the flesh. Not all, just too many.

No longer are Christians free, we are becoming just as enslaved as those around us.

That does not mean we should become isolationists – although I would like to become one.

It does mean that the spiritual war is intense and it is now.

I pray for you. May God keep and protect you.

Because it will get worse.


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