Obama spoke to his core audience. They did not show up.


Do you remember the hundreds of thousands of ‘Ein Berliners’ who showed up to kick of the great Obama’s career as a future ‘great leader?’

Evidently they did not remember to show up this time.

Well, just so you know, I think the GREAT propagandist in Chief has gotten lazy and forgotten to do the same PR he did to get elected.

You see, the last time, they did NOT show up to see HIM. They showed up for a rock concert, free of course. And he just happened to be the warm up.

This time?

He forgot to thank them last time for wasting their time in the hot sun …. and this time they did not show up to watch him.

A flop?

Maybe, maybe not. Probably will not even be a footnote in history, he is still a GREAT propagandist.

But, you could tell he was VERY off his message. Extremely off his message. His party did not show up the second time.

Can you imagine what it felt like to him to look out over what had been a full arena, and this time it was virtually empty?

Can you hear his internal dialogue as he tried to read his prepared speech? Don’t worry Barry, you are the only one who will notice, introduce and thank the Mayor…. BLANK! Did I introduce Merkel? I can’t go back and do that now, I already introduced the mayor….. BLANK!

Shuffle the speech, buy some time.

I wonder if we can blame my performance on the heat? Wait! My wife and kids are not here, I can mention my biggest fans are out seeing the sites of Berlin while I stumble through this speech. Surely everyone will forgive a father for stumbling when his wife and kids do not want to hear another boring and worthless speech.

Maybe, I am becoming a has been.

It had to be terrible.

The greatest progressive state, with a very lackluster economy (normally, Germany has over 9 or 10% unemployment when we have under 6 or 7%) ….

Yes, Germany is in trouble. And so are we, because we are following them, instead of leading them.

Do you think we can turn America around?


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