Street Minister Assaulted by Teacher – Video Footage of Teacher Going Nuts


I have warned you.

The Bible warned you – and that is more important.

We live in times when hateful people will attack you for believing in God.

A self-proclaimed teacher of the Constitution was asked to show where in her Constitution she read ‘separation of Church and State.’

You can see the spirit of evil come upon her, and she attacks the man.

She hits him with her purse.

We live in hate filled times. Do not be discouraged when you are attacked, brethren. Count it for joy, for they persecuted Paul, and Jesus even more. Deut 31: 8; Josh 1: 9; & 2 Cor 4. And many more.

I am saddened America is going down this path.

But, I know.

I know. This means Jesus is coming much sooner than we think.

May Jesus strengthen me to live as I should. With love for my enemies and not the hate they show me.


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