The Woman Who Used to Be Me


You know I blog on the social ills in America today.

Here is a blog written (memoir) by a lady who experienced, lived through, survived a horrid experience of our failing culture.

Other women commented about their experiences as well.

Remember, 1 in 3 women are sexually attacked (often that is read, ‘raped’) and 1 in 7 men are sexually assaulted (they do not break the numbers down as raped or not for men).

I tell you about this, because it is real. It is present. And it is DANGER! Clear and present, it is a danger.

How can we better protect our women, our men, and yes, especially, our children?


Wish I Were Here

**Warning: Heavy subject matter. I overcame my hesitation about posting this, because, in the 23 years since this incident, the situation for women has only gotten worse. I’ve decided to add my small voice to the crowd, because there’s always more strength in numbers.**

Somewhere in northern Baja California, Mexico – November 23, 1989

The bartender from work drives her car down the two lane highway that snakes alongside the beige, desiccated cliffs of northern Baja California. The woman who used to be me huddles in a blanket on the passenger side and stares out the window. Everything seems alien – the car, the man, herself, the landscape. It’s as if she’s viewing reality from behind fingerprint-smudged glass. The sea appears immobile – waves frozen into ripples. Sun rays pierce the clouds, illuminating two small islands.

“They’re uninhabited.” His voice penetrates the fog in her mind. “The Mexican government uses…

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