Is Tarentino racist?


I am trying to find an interview Tarentino did about his movie Django. In the late night interview, he talked about a black man being empowered to go around the ‘Antebellum south’ killing white men.

But, what do I find?

A racist rant with an interviewer in Britain.

Wow. Have the elitist propagandist progressives really gone that crazy?

If I was an elitist. If I was a progressive trying to change America to my version of utopia. If I was a propagandist.

I would immediately remove myself from him, and his racist views.

So, where is the outcry?

Why hasn’t the establishment stood up and distanced themselves from this racist POV?

The Telegraph tries to understand Tarentino’s angry outburst.

Tarentino said is ok for him to use the ‘n-word’ to describe black people.

I thought this was the video I was trying to find with Tarentino on Craig Ferguson.

So, is he an elitist gone mad? Or, is he a racist? Or, is he both?


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