Home is where the heart is.


Whoever first penned, “Home is where the heart is,” summed up the power of our reality in a very short sentence.

Are you “Home?”

I am. I just got home to those nasty, terrible, vile communists.

It is funny how our governments all practice propaganda, and our media gets angry if anyone dares to object to their description of reality.

The people here are very good people, not perfect, just good.

I live in a resort community, so it is interesting to say the least, I see different peoples from all around the Former Soviet Union and beyond. And I can tell you, my favorite so far are the Ukrainian people.

The Ukrainians seem to have a mix of Slavic and Germanic cultures which keep the best of both worlds, and try not to hold onto the worst from both cultures.

Watching the people walk by, my perception seems to hold true. IMHO that is, I have not lived in Germany, Austria, Russia, or other Slavic countries. So, I may be overly myopic ….

But, for the most part, Ukrainians keep the very hard work ethic Germans are known for. And they keep the very strong love of the Motherland the Russians are known for. And they have a very strong love of family. Which I think both are known for.

What have your experiences been with cultures?

Home is where the heart is. Have you found your home?


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