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China sent Snowden to Moscow, is that good?

Friends, What do you think about Hong Kong (China) sending the spy guy (Snowden) to Moscow? Is this good for USA? China? or, Russia? Or, (I think) is it bad for everyone? Ghost.

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Nicosia International Airport—A Moment Frozen In Time

Originally posted on Doublewhirler:
Nicosia International airport stands abandoned, frozen in time in no man’s land. The time is August 17, 1974 and the land is the UN buffer zone in Cyprus. Created after Turkey (in response to a Greek-inspired coup…

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A Proposal For Direct Democracy

Originally posted on Whistling In The Wind:
It’s fair to say that almost all people value our democratic government and are thankful we don’t live in a dictatorship. We value the ability to chose our leaders and influence our nation’s…

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The Woman Who Used to Be Me

Originally posted on Wish I Were Here:
**Warning: Heavy subject matter. I overcame my hesitation about posting this, because, in the 23 years since this incident, the situation for women has only gotten worse. I’ve decided to add my small…

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Friends, I am off topic.

Friends, I have written on Tarentino and his racist outbursts and I will compare them to Paula Dean and ask why is it ok for his racism, but not her apology? But, I just watched a sad video on the … Continue reading

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Street Minister Assaulted by Teacher – Video Footage of Teacher Going Nuts

Friends, I have warned you. The Bible warned you – and that is more important. We live in times when hateful people will attack you for believing in God. A self-proclaimed teacher of the Constitution was asked to show where … Continue reading

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Obama spoke to his core audience. They did not show up.

Friends, Do you remember the hundreds of thousands of ‘Ein Berliners’ who showed up to kick of the great Obama’s career as a future ‘great leader?’ Evidently they did not remember to show up this time. Well, just so you … Continue reading

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