The Supreme Court went gay ….


You know I have thought about this.

You already know I am not for a gay America, nor am I for the destruction of traditional marriage in America, nor am I for the destruction of family.

But, the Supreme Court turning gay instead of traditional is a symptom of the larger problem.

America is turning away from what America has always been.

Tradition in America is no longer about what America was, but it is about what they will make America to become.

I do not think that will be good for men, or children. And single women? Well, we are all getting what they have voted for.

Hate is a difficult thing to erase. And the last few months in America will take decades to repair, even if they can be repaired.


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2 Responses to The Supreme Court went gay ….

  1. If we didn’t know before, now we surely know what was meant in 2012 by the one-word campaign slogan “Forward.” Progressivism is like the Wicked Witch in The Wizard of Oz, luring America into the poisonous poppy field using the sweet scent of utopia. “Something attractive to the eye, and soothing to the smell. Poppies…poppies will put them to sleep….”

    Progressives want America to become a short-term-memory citizenry, because America will then become totally dependent on the intellectual elites and the philosopher kings to run everything. Trouble is…when America reaches the point where it no longer cares about remembering its past, then it is indeed doomed to repeat the mistakes of the past, such as the New Deal.

    It’s depressing, but important, to contemplate these seemingly hopeless dilemmas America finds itself in. Last time I commented here, it was regarding the apparently hopeless war against radical Islamists. I was bummed out all evening that day too.


    Take care, Ghost.
    – Jeff

    • Jeff,

      Do not get depressed.

      Take hope from the fact that you see the problem. That means you are much better prepared than those around you.

      You become their life jacket.

      It is like in a battle. Those who are battle weary depend upon those who still have clear vision. Those who can see without the fog of war are the leaders who lead the others to safety.

      Safety is victory.


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