The American Problem


Yesterday on a Ukrainian Bus trip, my Ukrainian friend mentioned something that was very apropos (appropriate) for the current situation in most of the world.

He was describing Ukrainian youth who are dreaming of ‘escaping from Ukraine to the USA.’ Their lifestyle is living in the here and now. They have no past (history, or culture) and they have no future.

America has lost sight of the hope we once had. Hope in the American sense was based upon the New Testament prophecies of Jesus Christ, his return, and his ability to rescue believers from an evil world.

In America we hoped we could lift people to a higher level. We hoped we could build a better country. Better than the other countries.

And truthfully, America is still a better place to ‘live.’ If you do not have family, America is great for you. If you have family, America begins to tip towards a bad place to live.

There is the problem.

The focus upon the here and now becomes a focus upon personal gain. That focus is a form of greed.

I want. I need. I would like. Why can’t I have a bigger car. Why can’t I have a bigger house. Why can’t I live on welfare without working. Why can’t I get a bigger pay check for doing very little.

America was never about promising a free ride for anyone, but it has become that.

Obama’s aunt demands a free ride from our country, because as she says, “[We] are a Christian country … [We] must do this.”

Ironically, she the Muslim, denies what her nephew the ‘Cristian’ in name only says. He says we are not a Christian country.

He says “God ‘blank’ America.” And the hatred prophecy of he and his hateful pastor is partially fulfilled. Not in completion. God has not ‘damned’ America. But, he has removed his hand of protection.

Because we no longer look forward to God and his hope; because we live in the here and now; because we forget our heritage, our culture, and our tradition; we live during the worst time to live in America, except in the war-torn America during and after the Civil War.

America has a problem. Ukrainians can see it. Russians can see it.

I can see it.

Do you see the problem?


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