Why did Obama back terrorists?


This is a good question. And it is a question that excited many Egyptians into overthrowing their president. They recalled the leader from the streets.

An action that American Politicians fear – because they should fear the wrath of the people they are supposed to represent.

CNN Article on Egyptians not liking Obama’s support of Morsi.

And Obama reacted to the will of the people to say he is ‘concerned.’

I hope America wakes up and takes to the street to recall him. Just because he can throw an election in his favor does not make him ‘democratically elected.’ Any more than his buddy, and close friend, Morsi. OK, that might have been an unnecessary jab.

But, why did Obama back the terrorists, and why does he continue to back them?

Is it true like people on the streets say? Is it true that America is more concerned with stability than we are with true freedom and true democracy?

I do not think so.

The elite State Department representatives I met in Vienna told me they were about supporting their friends in the region, because that was good for business. Only multi-nationals get that kind of ‘good’ business.

I think Obama supported the terrorists in Egypt, because he had friends who would make a lot of money off of the deal.

I can’t prove that, but that would explain why he sent billions of dollars to an organization which you and I cannot send one dollar to. And it would explain why he is ‘reconsidering’ aid money to Egypt …. a monetary threat now? Why didn’t he use that when he was dealing with the terrorist leader Morsi? USAToday Article.

I guess, the truth is, we won’t know what Obama’s real reason is for backing terrorists.

We can write, and we can read, and we can guess, but only our un-democratically elected Chief can get away with backing and funding terrorist organizations.

If you or I do that, we get assassinated …. or jailed for a very long time.

It is a very strange form of ‘democracy,’ when only the elite get a voice ….

Don’t you think so? Or, do you disagree?


You know I have blogged about this in the past. The money.


Obama is paying the Ft. Hood terrorist.

The never ending Obama wars.

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